Jan 18 2016

Wedding Websites

Wedding Hand started in the U.K 2 years ago and since then has gone from strength to strength. We have seen how modern day brides and grooms really take note of the WeddingHand site as it gives them the unique opportunity to create their very own wedding website, so that they can infer all their guests on their wedding day.

the information wedding couples can put ton their own website in invaluable for amy modern bride who embraces technology and understands the importance of computers an, tablets and smart phones, and how they have replaced more traditional forms of communication. The wedding industry is no different to this and it is time that there are forms of technology which allow bride and grooms to be to inform all their guests on the wedding day via this medium ask opposed to pen and paper!

We also wanted to design a wedding website that had many features on. Such like, having a wedding guest book. Also a count down timer to the big day. One of the most impressive and helpful features of wedding hand.net wedding website, ids that it is linked to Google Maps. This allows you to put the exact wedding co-ordinates into your website, Tis will then bring up the exactplace of the the wedding venue, church or chosen location of your wedding.


Your own personal web address, or URL, this will be something along the lines of wedding hand.net/jon and sam

We also cater for same sex weddings. You will find no separate fields for Bride of Groom. Here you will see that we have tried to design the site for same sex wedding couples. Again I hope this demonstrates how we have embraced the modern era!

The Gift List is also a great feature so people can buy and choose your your wedding gifts. It is also confidential from wedding guest to wedding guest, so only you can see who has bought which gifts. Tis then goes back to your database and you can thank each wedding guest for the gifts that has been bought for you.

We also drive to make a wedding website that is user friendly but also stylist as well. We have many designs for you to choose from. From Vintage designs, Shabby Chic, right through to modern cutting edge designs. This way you can choose a website that is as personal and as unique as your wedding day itself.


Please enjoy creating your wedding website. I am sure you will find it as exciting to use as we have had making it.

Keep checking weddinghand.net for any new designs and styles that will be added. We hope that you can find a wedding website design as unique as you and your partner.


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