Jan 18 2016

Wedding Day… A Brief Summary

  • Remember to keep a sense of perspective when planning for your wedding, of course it is important, but don’t let it take over your life completely. You should try hard to involve one another in the decision making process as much as possible (easier said than done when discussing mood boards and floral bouquets with the groom).
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  • We have produced this book as a guide to outline most of the main points you may take into account when organising your wedding day. Yet at the same time we would like to express that there are no set rules when getting married, other than the legal side of the ceremony.
  • All brides and grooms are different and each wedding should be as individual as you are. A bride and groom, groom and groom, or bride and bride should never feel pressured into having a wedding a certain way just because that is what tradition dictates. Some of the best weddings are when some of the formalities go out of the window and when wedding couples choose to do things their own way.
  • Of course many wedding couples and guests expect certain customs at a wedding but these days, many a modern wedding will see formalities mixed up alongside personal preferences.
  • No bride or groom should ever feel inclined or pressured into a going ahead with a certain aspect of a wedding they are uncomfortable with, as you should make sure that you are as relaxed on the day as possible.
  • Remember – there is nothing wrong with going to the local registry office, and then just booking a table at the local Chinese restaurant with your nearest and dearest!

    We hope you have enjoyed this eBook, and we wish you lots of fun and success planning your wedding, and a happy wedding day!images

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