Jan 18 2016


Wedding Hand wedding website brings you our wedding guide to The Best Mans Speeches


The best man has the most pressure on him out of all the speakers. A task that many a best man in the past will admit to feeling daunted by – especially if public speaking is something that they are unfamiliar with.

The best man is often expected to be funny, clever and produce interesting stories and anecdotes that end in an amusing and unfortunate way for the groom. He might be expected to refer back to the stag party and try and embarrass the groom as best he can. Because of this expectance, many best men who are not used to getting up and addressing a large number of people really feel the pressure.

If you are to be a best man or know of a best man who may be worried about the speech, here are a few clever ways to get round the problem…

There are a few simple ways of avoiding a long and lengthy speeches without looking like you have gone for the easy option. Keep your words to a minimum and consider doing something original, which will also take the pressure off yourself.

Keep it short and sweet. If you would really like to avoid having to talk at length, simply say what you have to say and don’t be afraid to wrap it up. You can then embellish the speech with a few clever tricks.

  • Consider embellishing the speech with use of a laptop connected to a screen.
  • If you really are not a big fan of public speaking, then ‘pre-record’ a running commentary. This way you will have more than one chance to perfect your comic timing.
  • Ask if the musicians can help you out and get them to get involved. Nothing works better than a couple of musicians with guitars popping out of a curtain serenading the bride and groom. Think of something like “Its All About You by McFly” – it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit cheesy people expect the speech to be a bit ‘tongue in cheek’.
  • Keep It Simple. Most of us can’t be expected to turn into a stand up comedian for 15 minutes. It’s a lot of pressure for someone who isn’t used to it just to speak to an audience, never mind make them laugh.
    • Just say a few lines and make as many toasts as possible ending with the bride and groom. Get all the guests to join in with a ‘Hip, Hip, Hurray!”.
    • Do a double act. If you know another of the groomsmen or guests who love the limelight, ask them to help you out. They can speak while you look busy holding up photos or props.

      If you do decide to opt for a traditional best mans speech then follow these guidelines to help you through it…

      Don’t drink too much before. Having a few glasses of wine or pints of beer is great for a bit of ‘Dutch courage’, but an excess may leave you out of control when speaking.

      Cards to prompt you may be useful with a few key sentences on. This way you will be speaking to the guests and not reading to them.

      Have a drink of water on hand, in case your mouth dries up.

      If you are hit with a bad case of nerves before you are about to speak, try slow deep breaths.

      Keep it funny but not too bawdy. The bride really doesn’t want to find out about the sordid details of the stag night!

      Google is a great resource for finding best man’s speech ideas and should help you with a few priceless one-liners.Unknown-1

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