Jan 18 2016



Let the stylist work on the bridesmaid’s hair first and the bride’s last. That way the bride’s hair will be perfect just before she makes her entrance.

This also works great should your photographer be looking at taking some ‘getting ready’ shots of you.

The photographer would normally be with both the bride and groom about an hour before the ceremony. This way they have a chance to capture some pre wedding shots of the bridal party getting ready, plus any emotional exchanges that you may have with close friends or family members.

It also gives the photographer the opportunity to take any close up images of your wedding attire like your shoes, dress and any accessories you may have.

The groom and groomsmen should arrive at the ceremony about an hour before the service starts. They will need to meet with the registrars before to check that all the details provided are correct and that they are in a legal position to marry.

This is a great opportunity for the photographer to get some pre ceremony shots of the groom and groomsmen together.

If the groom and groomsmen are considering a crafty pint beforehand, they should remember to visit the lavortories plenty times before the ceremony starts, so that they are not jiggling up and down during the service!


If the bride is arriving in the wedding car, the transport company should be prepared for any type of weather, so that the bride looks perfect for her entrance. The bride should plan to leave in plenty of time when travelling to the ceremony. It is far better for the bridal party to wait in the car as opposed to making an early appearance, allowing the wedding guests to see them before they make their entrance down the aisle.

The bride will have met with registrars either immediately before she makes her entrance down the aisle or earlier on in the day. This is to check again that they are fit and proper to marry and fulfill any legal criteria.

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