Jan 18 2016

Now you are engaged you can start to build your own wedding website with wedding hand.

Now you are engaged you can start to build your own wedding website with wedding hand.

Congratulations, you’re engaged!
Now, time to plan for the most important day of your life.


However, wedding planning can sometimes prove to be a daunting process, so to give you a quick heads up and help you through the endless decision makings, headaches, compromises and questions, this guide will prove to you that wedding planning does not need to be a pain staking process, it can have its moments and sometimes, just sometimes… it can even be good fun.

We have designed this book to help guide you through the arrangement process of organizing your wedding day.

We will help you avoid any unexpected problems and pit falls when preparing for the biggest day of your life.

Included in the book are real life excerpts from past brides and grooms, describing the best decisions that they made, and what they would have done differently in hindsight.

We have also included quotes from the UK’s top wedding suppliers, who were willing to share their experiences with us.

There is also a useful ‘countdown to the day’ section – a timeline outlining where you should be during the run up to the day and what to expect on the day itself.
For those of you who are always hunting for unusual wedding ideas to make your day unique, take a look at our ‘20 Ways To Personalise Your Day’ section.

For the budget savvy bride and brooms, we have also included our very own case study, showing how you can dramatically reduce your wedding budget, following our simple steps.

Thrust into the role of organizing your own wedding can make for a steep learning curve.

From the initial elation of getting engaged, you will suddenly find yourself making arrangements on a whole range of circumstances you never gave much consideration to before such as, shall we invite children, what are the average amounts of drinks consumed per person to how do I prevent my uncle from making a fool of himself on the dance floor.

With this in mind and to help you before you continue reading, we have added some of the ‘Wedding Jargon’ you might be expected to know.

So when the venue manager asks you what you have in mind for your Wedding Breakfast you can answer correctly, without telling him ‘Weetabix’.

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