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Jan 18 2016

Wedding Speeches

The speeches…

Other than the legal requirements, there is no set way of how you should go about your wedding day, however often tradition dictates how the day runs, and the speeches are a part of the day people like to include.

Here is a brief guide to traditionally who would speak where and when and what they are expected to say.


The first speaker would be the father of the bride, or close friend or relation of the bride.

He would be expected to thank all the guests for coming and helping celebrate the special day. He may also thank everyone that has helped throughout the day. He will also most likely thank anyone who was involved in the organisational process of the day.

He may also thank guests for attending, making reference to those who have travelled a far distance.

He will most likely compliment the bride on being a wonderful daughter and how she looks on the day.

This is also a good time for him to welcome his new son in law into his family.

He may wish to tell a humorous story from his daughter’s childhood or adolescent years – always good for keeping the audiences attention.

He would finish his speech with a toast to the bride and groom.


The second speech would be for the groom. Traditionally he would start out by thanking the father of the bride for his kind words. Again he would thank all the friends and family for attending and introduce himself to the bride’s guests. He would also thank his parents and the bride’s parents and he might propose a toast at this point as well. Other toasts may include a drink to absent friends.

He may wish to compliment the bride and describe how he felt when he saw her walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. He may also like to describe how they first met and any other interesting stories he would like to share with the guests.

The speech would most likely end with him toasting the bridesmaids and warning the guests that the best man is compulsive liar and is not to be believed for any of the following.


Traditionally the best man is expected to say the following during his speech…

Thank the groom for his toast and toast the bridesmaids. Compliment the bride and groom and toast them. There is growing pressure on the modern best man to tell funny stories and try and embarrass the groom- although this is down to preference.