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Jan 18 2016


In todays blog from wedding hand, where you can make your own free online wedding website. We give out some hints on tips on wedding cakes and confectionary, hope you enjoy the blog and find it useful when deciding on your wedding cake!


The wedding cake is an edible sculpture which is often the centre piece of many a wedding reception. The cake may often be photographed almost as much as the bride and groom themselves! Modern takes on the wedding cake are cup cakes and even pork pies with cheese and grapes. So there is now a real variety of choice if you want to put a different slant on the traditional wedding cake.
Depending on style, design and number of tiers. The cake cost can be anywhere between £200 and £1000.
Ask to see the portfolio and find out if you have to choose an exact design or if they make cakes individually designed.
Most cake makers will let you have tasting session, which is a great idea (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the wedding diet too much)
Check how long it will take in advance to make the cake. A fruitcake with ingredients like Brandy will take a while to mature to perfection. Cakes such as sponges can be prepared the week of the wedding.
Most wedding confectionary companies will be more than willing to help you in your decision to choosing the perfect cake for your day. They should be able to talk you through the different cake choices as well as all the different fillings that are available.
Check where the cakes are baked and that they have all the appropriate hygiene and health and safety certificates that go along with preparing food.
• Save money by having the bottom ties as a ‘dummy cake’ basically icing cased around a fake base. This way you have the grandeur of a wedding cake but without the cost. This is also good if you have small number of wedding guests but still would like a traditional cake.
• Check if the top tier is include in the initial price. Some bakers have a separate charge for the intricate top section of the cake.
• Look for your own cake toppers. There are some great choices of unique cake toppers online, at reasonable prices.
• To keep costs down, why not ask a family member to make the cake or bake your own cake and ask if the cake maker can simply just ice and decorate the cake for you.
• Check if they provide the stands for the cakes and if this will entail an extra surcharge.
• If any guests have any food allergies, ask if your cake maker can take these into consideration.
• Always ask who will be making the cake and how long before the wedding the cake will be made.

Jan 18 2016

Wedding Websites

Wedding Hand started in the U.K 2 years ago and since then has gone from strength to strength. We have seen how modern day brides and grooms really take note of the WeddingHand site as it gives them the unique opportunity to create their very own wedding website, so that they can infer all their guests on their wedding day.

the information wedding couples can put ton their own website in invaluable for amy modern bride who embraces technology and understands the importance of computers an, tablets and smart phones, and how they have replaced more traditional forms of communication. The wedding industry is no different to this and it is time that there are forms of technology which allow bride and grooms to be to inform all their guests on the wedding day via this medium ask opposed to pen and paper!

We also wanted to design a wedding website that had many features on. Such like, having a wedding guest book. Also a count down timer to the big day. One of the most impressive and helpful features of wedding wedding website, ids that it is linked to Google Maps. This allows you to put the exact wedding co-ordinates into your website, Tis will then bring up the exactplace of the the wedding venue, church or chosen location of your wedding.


Your own personal web address, or URL, this will be something along the lines of wedding and sam

We also cater for same sex weddings. You will find no separate fields for Bride of Groom. Here you will see that we have tried to design the site for same sex wedding couples. Again I hope this demonstrates how we have embraced the modern era!

The Gift List is also a great feature so people can buy and choose your your wedding gifts. It is also confidential from wedding guest to wedding guest, so only you can see who has bought which gifts. Tis then goes back to your database and you can thank each wedding guest for the gifts that has been bought for you.

We also drive to make a wedding website that is user friendly but also stylist as well. We have many designs for you to choose from. From Vintage designs, Shabby Chic, right through to modern cutting edge designs. This way you can choose a website that is as personal and as unique as your wedding day itself.


Please enjoy creating your wedding website. I am sure you will find it as exciting to use as we have had making it.

Keep checking for any new designs and styles that will be added. We hope that you can find a wedding website design as unique as you and your partner.


Jan 18 2016

Now you are engaged you can start to build your own wedding website with wedding hand.

Now you are engaged you can start to build your own wedding website with wedding hand.

Congratulations, you’re engaged!
Now, time to plan for the most important day of your life.


However, wedding planning can sometimes prove to be a daunting process, so to give you a quick heads up and help you through the endless decision makings, headaches, compromises and questions, this guide will prove to you that wedding planning does not need to be a pain staking process, it can have its moments and sometimes, just sometimes… it can even be good fun.

We have designed this book to help guide you through the arrangement process of organizing your wedding day.

We will help you avoid any unexpected problems and pit falls when preparing for the biggest day of your life.

Included in the book are real life excerpts from past brides and grooms, describing the best decisions that they made, and what they would have done differently in hindsight.

We have also included quotes from the UK’s top wedding suppliers, who were willing to share their experiences with us.

There is also a useful ‘countdown to the day’ section – a timeline outlining where you should be during the run up to the day and what to expect on the day itself.
For those of you who are always hunting for unusual wedding ideas to make your day unique, take a look at our ‘20 Ways To Personalise Your Day’ section.

For the budget savvy bride and brooms, we have also included our very own case study, showing how you can dramatically reduce your wedding budget, following our simple steps.

Thrust into the role of organizing your own wedding can make for a steep learning curve.

From the initial elation of getting engaged, you will suddenly find yourself making arrangements on a whole range of circumstances you never gave much consideration to before such as, shall we invite children, what are the average amounts of drinks consumed per person to how do I prevent my uncle from making a fool of himself on the dance floor.

With this in mind and to help you before you continue reading, we have added some of the ‘Wedding Jargon’ you might be expected to know.

So when the venue manager asks you what you have in mind for your Wedding Breakfast you can answer correctly, without telling him ‘Weetabix’.

Jan 18 2016

Wedding Hands, wedding survival kit

Welcome to todays wedding blog from Where you can create your own wedding website online for free!

Today we have some simple advise on creating a wedding day survival kit. A simple and effective, yet often overlooked part of the day.

When the big day arrives you want to be prepared as possible for any eventuality. It might be a good ideas to create your own ‘wedding day survival kit’. You can include small simple items which you might need on the day. If your wedding is outside in the height of the summer, your guests may also need some items to keep them comfortable on the day, such as anti-histamines, sun tan lotion or parasols. Again if the wedding is in the winter, think about items to keep your guests happy and comfortable throughout the day.

Many wedding couples decide to have a small survival pack in the ladies and gent’s rest rooms. Items could include, mouthwash, indigestion tablets, deodorant and lint rollers.


Below we have listed a survival kit for you both. We hope you find the following information useful…

Create a survival kit for the both of you. Consider what you might need on the day to keep you looking in tip-top condition and to help if any problems or wardrobe malfunctions arise!
Veil weights, if windy weather Spare earring backing Needle and thread Nail file and emery board Spare nail polish Mirror Spare hairpins Tweezers Masking tape for any last minute dress adjustments Perfume and wash bag essentials Make up bag Eye drops Tissues Wet wipes Straws for not smudging lip stick when drinking before the ceremony Spare stockings
Lint roller Razor-blades/shaver Pins for breast pocket flowers White chalk, incase of staining on white shirt. Energy drink and energy bars Headache tablets Antacid tablets Non-drowsy antihistamines Insect repellant (if outside during the day) Travel iron and travel ironing board Cheap dummy wedding rings (in case the very worst happens) Deodorant, fragrances and wash bag Shoe polish Mobile phone charger Mints Spring water Hanky chief

Jan 18 2016

Wedding Websites

At we fully understand how crucial any type of visual element is to your wedding day. Therefore we strive to create wedding websites with this in mind.

Our design range from cutting edge patterns to traditional floral designs. All  designed to suit the individual taste for each bride and groom

This is a great way of showing off chosen your wedding theme,without letting too much away before  your wedding day.

A Little Information, When Booking A Wedding Florist…

Florists can create many wonderful designs and all will add to the feel of your wedding day.

Cost can vary significantly Usually between £300 upwards depending on season and where the flowers are sourced.


Many modern day floristes require a deposit between 20% and 50% with is completely acceptable, as they have many up from t cost, when buys the flowers from there chosen dealer or a flower market.

Maybe consider booking your florist at least 32 weeks before the big day or even sooner should you have preference for a certain florist.


Always drive to find out what the signature style of the florist is. Also ask to see designs, and take note how these will vary from season to season. Keep this in mind as this is relevant to you r wedding day and the choose that will be on offer.


Always make sure that your florist has worked in the wedding industry before and that they know  what is expected of them.

Hints and Tips when choosing a florist


• Check that their prices are correct to the season that you are booking for, and that the flowers you have in mind will be in stock within this time period. make sure the bouquet suits your wedding dress and style of the wedding day.


Check out all the choices on offer

A good florist should be able to guide you in the right direction without being too pushy. they should steer you through any of the ideas you might have and be happy to suggest ideas without being pushy or single minded.


Learn all the different  terms florists may use, to help you get what you are looking for. Such words you might encounter are… BRIDAL BOUQUET: BRIDESMAIDS BOUQUETS:  BOUTONNIERES:  CENTERPIECES:SWAGS: All of which are common place in a florists vocabulary. A good florist should explain these to you but also be happy to speak to you in ‘Laymans terms’ to not confuse you with all the wedding florist jargon.

Jan 18 2016



Let the stylist work on the bridesmaid’s hair first and the bride’s last. That way the bride’s hair will be perfect just before she makes her entrance.

This also works great should your photographer be looking at taking some ‘getting ready’ shots of you.

The photographer would normally be with both the bride and groom about an hour before the ceremony. This way they have a chance to capture some pre wedding shots of the bridal party getting ready, plus any emotional exchanges that you may have with close friends or family members.

It also gives the photographer the opportunity to take any close up images of your wedding attire like your shoes, dress and any accessories you may have.

The groom and groomsmen should arrive at the ceremony about an hour before the service starts. They will need to meet with the registrars before to check that all the details provided are correct and that they are in a legal position to marry.

This is a great opportunity for the photographer to get some pre ceremony shots of the groom and groomsmen together.

If the groom and groomsmen are considering a crafty pint beforehand, they should remember to visit the lavortories plenty times before the ceremony starts, so that they are not jiggling up and down during the service!


If the bride is arriving in the wedding car, the transport company should be prepared for any type of weather, so that the bride looks perfect for her entrance. The bride should plan to leave in plenty of time when travelling to the ceremony. It is far better for the bridal party to wait in the car as opposed to making an early appearance, allowing the wedding guests to see them before they make their entrance down the aisle.

The bride will have met with registrars either immediately before she makes her entrance down the aisle or earlier on in the day. This is to check again that they are fit and proper to marry and fulfill any legal criteria.

Jan 18 2016


Try and wake up early.
You will most likely be drinking throughout the day (including a sneaky Champagne whilst getting ready) It has also always been a tradition for the groom to have a crafty pint before the ceremony to settle the nerves. If this is the case make sure you ‘line your stomach’ and even though you will be nervous, eat as much breakfast as possible.
The whole day will seem like a whirlwind so really try and take a moment to take stock of the day. So many brides and grooms say the day went so fast, so try to have some time as a new husband and wife together, to simply reflect of the momentousness of the occasion. This will be easier said than done with family and friends around you wanting to congratulate and chat with you.
Here is a description of a typical wedding day, to help you prepare and know what to expect, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.
Set the alarm for an early start and make sure you have something to eat! Even if you feel too nervous, it is going to be a long day, most likely with an excess of alcohol, so that last thing you want is a low blood sugar level as you are heading down the aisle!
If the bride has a hairdresser coming to style her hair, leave enough time for any changes. A stylist will probably be looking at around one hour for a ‘put-up’ with any accessories within the session, such as a tiara.
If the bride is travelling to the hairdressers, they should leave plenty time and take a friend with them. Prepare for any circumstances, such as not been able to park the car near the hairdressers. The bride should always take an umbrella with, even if it is not forecasted rain, just in case the wind gets up.
The bridesmaid’s hair will take about 30 minutes per bridesmaid, depending on the style, so account for this within your schedule.
Make sure the hair stylist is available to help if the bride is you be wearing a veil. That way they can arrange anything, should fitting the veil disrupt the hair.
Make up, will take on average about 45 minutes for the bride and for each bridesmaids. Again prepare for every eventuality with the weather if travelling to the make up artist.

Jan 18 2016

Wedding Day… A Brief Summary

  • Remember to keep a sense of perspective when planning for your wedding, of course it is important, but don’t let it take over your life completely. You should try hard to involve one another in the decision making process as much as possible (easier said than done when discussing mood boards and floral bouquets with the groom).
  • th-1
  • We have produced this book as a guide to outline most of the main points you may take into account when organising your wedding day. Yet at the same time we would like to express that there are no set rules when getting married, other than the legal side of the ceremony.
  • All brides and grooms are different and each wedding should be as individual as you are. A bride and groom, groom and groom, or bride and bride should never feel pressured into having a wedding a certain way just because that is what tradition dictates. Some of the best weddings are when some of the formalities go out of the window and when wedding couples choose to do things their own way.
  • Of course many wedding couples and guests expect certain customs at a wedding but these days, many a modern wedding will see formalities mixed up alongside personal preferences.
  • No bride or groom should ever feel inclined or pressured into a going ahead with a certain aspect of a wedding they are uncomfortable with, as you should make sure that you are as relaxed on the day as possible.
  • Remember – there is nothing wrong with going to the local registry office, and then just booking a table at the local Chinese restaurant with your nearest and dearest!

    We hope you have enjoyed this eBook, and we wish you lots of fun and success planning your wedding, and a happy wedding day!images

Jan 18 2016

Recommendations from married couples…


What I Would Recommend:

“My husband and I wrote each other a simple letter to read, just to let each other know how we felt for each other on the morning of the wedding, before the ceremony. Luckily the photographer was on hand to catch the emotion on my face as I read it. It was a genuine moment that you could never recreate.”

What I Would Have Done Differently:

“I would have tried to stop and enjoy the day more. It went so fast. One minute I was waiting to walk down the aisle and what felt like a few hours later, our night do was over and the whole day was a blur. Take a step back so you and your partner can really enjoy the occasion.”


What I Would Recommend:

“We didn’t have a strict seating plan during the ceremony, so guests could sit wherever they wanted. The idea was that we were united as one big family and we wanted that to be evident from the early stages of the day. It went down really well with everyone.”

What I Would Have Done Differently:

“I wish we had had some form of entertainment for the guests during the drinks reception as we were away having our photos taken.”


What I Would Recommend:

“We chose to have live musicians during the ceremony. It worked really well and brought a smile to everyone’s face when all the guests joined in with an old Elvis classic!”

What I Would Have Done Differently:

“I would probably have thought of some entertainment for the children present at the wedding. It was a long day for them and I should have maybe thought of some simple games and gifts for them to keep them entertained”


Jan 18 2016


Wedding Hand wedding website brings you our wedding guide to The Best Mans Speeches


The best man has the most pressure on him out of all the speakers. A task that many a best man in the past will admit to feeling daunted by – especially if public speaking is something that they are unfamiliar with.

The best man is often expected to be funny, clever and produce interesting stories and anecdotes that end in an amusing and unfortunate way for the groom. He might be expected to refer back to the stag party and try and embarrass the groom as best he can. Because of this expectance, many best men who are not used to getting up and addressing a large number of people really feel the pressure.

If you are to be a best man or know of a best man who may be worried about the speech, here are a few clever ways to get round the problem…

There are a few simple ways of avoiding a long and lengthy speeches without looking like you have gone for the easy option. Keep your words to a minimum and consider doing something original, which will also take the pressure off yourself.

Keep it short and sweet. If you would really like to avoid having to talk at length, simply say what you have to say and don’t be afraid to wrap it up. You can then embellish the speech with a few clever tricks.

  • Consider embellishing the speech with use of a laptop connected to a screen.
  • If you really are not a big fan of public speaking, then ‘pre-record’ a running commentary. This way you will have more than one chance to perfect your comic timing.
  • Ask if the musicians can help you out and get them to get involved. Nothing works better than a couple of musicians with guitars popping out of a curtain serenading the bride and groom. Think of something like “Its All About You by McFly” – it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit cheesy people expect the speech to be a bit ‘tongue in cheek’.
  • Keep It Simple. Most of us can’t be expected to turn into a stand up comedian for 15 minutes. It’s a lot of pressure for someone who isn’t used to it just to speak to an audience, never mind make them laugh.
    • Just say a few lines and make as many toasts as possible ending with the bride and groom. Get all the guests to join in with a ‘Hip, Hip, Hurray!”.
    • Do a double act. If you know another of the groomsmen or guests who love the limelight, ask them to help you out. They can speak while you look busy holding up photos or props.

      If you do decide to opt for a traditional best mans speech then follow these guidelines to help you through it…

      Don’t drink too much before. Having a few glasses of wine or pints of beer is great for a bit of ‘Dutch courage’, but an excess may leave you out of control when speaking.

      Cards to prompt you may be useful with a few key sentences on. This way you will be speaking to the guests and not reading to them.

      Have a drink of water on hand, in case your mouth dries up.

      If you are hit with a bad case of nerves before you are about to speak, try slow deep breaths.

      Keep it funny but not too bawdy. The bride really doesn’t want to find out about the sordid details of the stag night!

      Google is a great resource for finding best man’s speech ideas and should help you with a few priceless one-liners.Unknown-1